Tulisan ngalor-ngidul part 5: What is this

Write it down, or it’ll be forgotten, erased, faded away.


The problem is, when the inspiration is coming in, I am in the middle of not being able to write it. Usually it comes out like that.
Then, when my pen is in my hand, or my laptop/gadget is ready to recorde anything my head is thinking, I simply become blank, no idea anymore.
The cycle is always like that. At the end, I have nothing to be written, to be recorded, to be remembered. My blog is again,, untouched, , for a very long time.
Even now, I have no idea about what I’m writing about,,, just to update the blog, so people know it’s not dead..yet… Ahaha…
Jeezzz, what is this.. Dunno know what I’m blabbering right now.
Just to remind me of what people said to me long time ago (I don’t remember when):

Rien n’arrive par accident

Actually, I’m eager to write about something more important, more valuable to share. But,,, may be later, I’ll do it.
For now, that’s all. Ok.

Before I quit, I’d like to say, “Happy sunday night!!!” ^o^

Don’t put your mind at hard time just because tomorrow is monday. Semangat, semangaaat! Have a blessed weekday! Bon courage et bonne semaine à tous !!!  *cheering my self*

_sunday_so many things to do_
_vais-je! je dois bouger!_

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