Cheating while taking an examination is the most common thing happens during student’s life. Everybody must have any experience of cheating at least once, even just an attempt or intention to do it, when they were students at any level of education. If they are asked whether they know that cheating is morally wrong, almost all of them would say yes. Nevertheless, they still do that in many ways; even cheating becomes an art or culture between students. Thus, what kinds of reasons are there, which make them decide to cheat, voluntarily or forcedly? This essay will explore the causes lining behind the cheating action during examination.

cheating_rectThe first thing comes across in a student’s mind when they are about to cheat while taking examination is survival instinct. This is a basic instinct which is owned by all living things. When they realize that there is a danger near to them, they will automatically do anything to survive from it. In this case, there are students who feel that examination is kind of harmful thing for them. Thus, they start to cheat because they want to survive in their examination, moreover if there are pressures – usually from parents – to do it well.

The other thing which leads students to cheat is the value set by their teachers. Most teachers or academic institutions all around the world use score and/or grade to evaluate their students. Since we have been children, there has been always grade or even ranking for deciding who best student of the class is. This method will set student’s way of thinking that the major thing of education is the final result of our examination grade. In fact, the most important thing of education lines in the process of gaining education itself.


Beside the reasons above, cheating in exams offers an easy way out for students especially those who love an instant solution for their problem. This can happen to some students who do not like certain subjects, for example basic science, and they do not want to waste their time or effort to prepare for this non-favorite subject. Besides, some of students might feel lack of confidence with their ability while taking the exams. They could have made preparations before, but they are not confidence with their answers during examination and worry about their grade. Therefore they decide to do an instant way in order to pass the exams.

There are many causes which lead students to cheat during the exams, although some people might do that unintentionally. The causes are either their simple survival instinct, pressures from others to do well, or the point of view which stating that someone’s grade determines his/her intelligent. Out of these three, the most influenced cause is grade value set up by teachers because if this way of thinking could be repaired, there may not be cheating culture anymore in students’ life.


_Final assignment of Academic Writing training_Depok, 27th August 2014


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