Watch out DHF!!!

For many years, Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) has been one of commonly found infectious diseases in Indonesia. DHF has caused not only high morbidity, but also mortality in our country. Many regions of Indonesia has been known as endemics for DHF, including Semarang.

The data from Semarang Health Department showed that mortality rate caused by DHF in this year tends to increase compared with last year. From January until July 2012, there are already 14 died cases of DHF, and those are twice more than last year. Besides, the total of DHF cases from January until July 2012 in Semarang are 481 cases. While the total of DHF cases in 2011 are 1303 cases.

As people who live in a tropical country, we should know the ways to avoid the disease. DHF is caused by Dengue Virus and Aedes aegepty mosquito is its vector. This type of mosquito likes to live in water reservoirs (such as buckets, etc.) which are filled especially with clear water, rather than in dirty water. This mosquito has flying ability till about 100  meters. So, we have to be awared if there is our neighbour or other people who live nearby our house has DHF.

But, whether there is or no the DHF cases around us, it is our task to support the anti-DHF action. One thing that people wrongly understand is about fogging. Most of people think that fogging can solve DHF problem. We have to know that fogging will only kill MATURE mosquitos. Their eggs and wigglers are safe and will grow up to be new mature mosquitos in several days. And these new mature mosquitos which had been fogged when they were wigglers, will become tolerant to the next fogging. Because of that, we have to eliminate the mosquitos not only its mature form but also its eggs and wigglers.

Actually we already have a good program called PSN. PSN or Pemberantasan Sarang Nyamuk (eradicating mosquitos nest) consists of 3M. 3M in Indonesian stands for menguras (draining), menutup (closing), and mengubur (burying) the water reservoirs which can be used by mosquitos to live and reproduce. Besides, there is also 3M Plus, which added with sowing Abate powder into the water reservoirs that we use. With PSN, we can eliminate the eggs and wigglers of mosquitos. Without PSN, fogging is nothing. And do not forget to make a habit of hygienity in our life, whenever, wherever, and whatever we do.

Okay, that’s all. I hope this note can help to remind all of us to support anti-DHF action. Amiin…

Take care! 🙂


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