Tulisan ngalor-ngidul part 3: hanya tulisan

Ow.. I just saw your pictures and, yes, i do miss you all, dear friends. Seeing my unforgetable high-school mates, suddenly I feel so sorry for having no time to come back even for just a while.

What I can do now is only closing my eyes. Mmm…Yes, by closing my eyes, I can see and meet you all. I can ask many questions I wanna ask, I can hug you all, I can see your happy smiles. Taking pictures with you all, hanging out with you, talking about our matters, attending to your wedding ceremony, seeing your babies, are things I wanna do.

So much great time I had with you that it is now like a diamond. Full of laughing and crying. Looking for our own selves, hard working together, and playing around. There were battleships, but there were more friendships. Thank you for accompanying me during that time. And also for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after and after tomorrow, and so on…

__berharapikutreunisiangtadi__ 110612, 00.00


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